Holy Renovations, Coffee Lovers!

Uh oh.

Two weeks in a row when we’re going to post an episode on a Tuesday instead of a Monday?  Is it the end of the caffeinated world? How did that happen?

Simply put, anyone familiar with the Pittsburgh tech scene shouldn’t be surprised that this week’s episode is slightly delayed, because this weekend was the weekend of PodCamp Pittsburgh 6, when time stops for the city’s social media practitioners.  (Or speeds up.  I forget.  We all usually end up sleep-deprived and talking about “the future” at 3 AM…)

But there’s another reason behind our slight hiccup this week, and it’s a doozy: see these pictures? This is what Affogato (where we film the show) actually looks like right now.  Which, if you watch The Baristas, is not what the cafe looks like onscreen.

That’s because the cafe is under new ownership, and renovations are afoot.  This is very cool in the long run, but very interesting from a continuity standpoint.

So, our apologies, but please pardon us while we try to wrap our heads around how we’re going to match our shots from our last 3 episodes before the cafe totally transforms into… well, you’ll see.

And then, tomorrow, watch Rich, Chase and Lorraine to really start causing problems around the cafe…

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