Our Kickstarter Funding Was a Success!

Hey folks! As you probably know, we raised $3000 on Kickstarter to help launch The Baristas. That project ended at 12:20 EST today, which means the project is a go!

If you donated to the project, thank you! We look forward to rewarding you with hours of caffeinated mirth in the weeks and months to come.

(And if you didn’t donate to the project, it’s okay. We still like you. Plus, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to show your support as the series grows.)

So feel free to bookmark or subscribe to this blog, where we’ll be posting updates on our production, promotion and design as we sail on to our 2011 launch date. And if you need your daily dose of humor, don’t forget that the baristas (and their customers) are on Twitter, where they’re oversharing, embarrassing and causing all sorts of problems.

The Baristas: Comedy, with room for cream.