Simon (Theo Mahony)

The Baristas Cast: Simon (Theo Mahony)Simon is some kind of social media Internet guru SEO expert ninja marketing rock star. Maybe. Actually, no one’s really sure what Simon does, but he tips well, so they’re all willing to look the other way. And if your reputation ever comes under attack by online haters, you could know worse people than a guy who understands how to make all those little trolls just… disappear.

Theo Mahony

Actor Theo Mahony originally hails from London, England.  After gaining an academic scholarship to a posh British boarding school, he wasted his opportunity by drawing comics, chasing girls and taking drama classes.  Eventually, the wayward rascal managed to worm his way into America by marrying a US citizen (for love, that is), and they now reside in Pittsburgh.

Since arriving in the States, Theo has tried to defend his joie de vivre from the preposterousness of retail.  He describes himself as “a failed, deflated and squandered remnant of a polymath,” and hopes super-stardom will someday solve all of his problems.

Also, he stirs a magnificent mocha.

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