Glenn (Rick Hertzig)

The Baristas Cast: Glenn (Rick Hertzig)Glenn Garrison is the most regular of Affogato’s customers.  He spends his days (and nights, and weekends) eavesdropping on all the café gossip, taking notes in his seemingly endless supply of notebooks, and trying to figure out when his not-quite-girlfriend Amy‘s divorce will be final… since she’s not telling.

Will he ever convert all his years’ worth of notes into a screenplay, or a novel, or a blog?



You know…  When he has time…

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Bio: Rick Hertzig

Actor Rick Hertzig was born in Pittsburgh. He likes several colors, The Wrestler, Tina Fey, monkeys, Tegan & Sara, noodles, Bruce Lee, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Henry Rollins, drums, the writings of Joe Meno, Harvey Pekar and Robert E. Howard, small dogs, Sheri, Social Distortion, and tofu, as well as a few other things. He still lives in Pittsburgh.

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