Reggie (Aki Jamal)

The Baristas Cast: Reggie (Aki Jamal)Reggie is a financial analyst… or he was, until the recession turned his world upside down. He’s been unemployed for almost a year now and, as a widowed father of two, he’s desperate to find any job to keep food on his table and a roof over his head — even if it means serving coffee to people who really don’t know just how good they have it.

Aki Jamal

Actor Aki Jamal is a proud son of the city of Pittsburgh.  In fact, while Steelers fans bleed Black ‘n Gold, the Steelers themselves actually bleed whatever colors HE happens to be wearing that day. His recent acting credits include a supporting role in the feature film “Idea Thief” (Black Boot Productions) and the Pittsburgh sketch comedy series “Who Got SWAG?” Aki is also a co-producer, co-host and contributor to the web-based variety show “The Angle” (Park Triangle Productions).

Aki’s voice has also served him well in his role as the producer and host of The Mortgage Project Radio Show (WAMO AM 860).  He was recently tapped to be “the voice” of the August Wilson Center for African American Culture and serve as MC for their concerts and live events.

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  1. This picture couldn’t have captured Reggie’s mindset any better! I wish I could say, “I nailed it!”, but I don’t even remember this picture being taken.

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