Gary (Joel Ambrose)

The Baristas Cast: Gary (Joel Ambrose)Gary dropped out of culinary school because they were “too restrictive,” so now the Affogato regulars are his kitchen guinea pigs. His boyfriend Scott is a bipolar millionaire, which means Gary worries less about tips than he does about Scott’s fragile sanity. He’s a perpetual ray of sunshine, which is exactly what Scott — and the cafe — needs more of. But the cafe is populated with cynics who don’t quite appreciate Gary’s upbeat attitude. In fact, the only phrase he hears more often than “Can I get a refill?” is “Shut up, Gary…”

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Joel Ambrose

Actor Joel Ambrose is originally from Johnstown, PA (Hey¬†Flood City!). He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2008 with a BA in Theatre Arts and Communications, and has worked in various capacities for City Theatre, the Pittsburgh New Works Festival, Phrase Three Productions, PittRep and Prime Stage Theatre. After working far too many jobs simultaneously, Joel (and his mother) is thankful that he’s currently a full-time employee with Pittsburgh CLO.

Some of Joel’s favorite non-theatre things include: Harry Potter, stage combat (especially with swords), pretending to know how to tap dance and annoying his twin brother.

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