Madison (Jillian Vitko)

The Baristas Cast: Madison (Jillian Vitko)Madison LaRoux is a barista at Affogato… and a business major at Pitt… and a sales associate at Victoria’s Secret… and is perpetually overworked and under-appreciated. It’s a good thing she doesn’t have time for a boyfriend, because her luck with men has never been particularly good.  (One guy broke up with her on her birthday. At her party. By writing it in the card.)

Madison also has a “magic touch” when it comes to coffee — a skill her coworker Sam noticed, and used to coach Madison to the Regional Barista Championship. As such, she’s the only barista at Affogato who can make a decent cup of coffee from the new beans favored by their new owner, Lorraine — and that makes Madison kind of irreplaceable.

When her old roommate Sienna left town in a hurry, Madison spent a week living in her car before Astrid took pity on her and asked her to move in. Now that she has a roof over her head, Madison is a new woman — and she’s less and less inclined to put up with all the problems Lorraine keeps throwing at her…

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Jillian Vitko

Actress Jillian Vitko thinks being a part of The Baristas is sweeter than Hazelnut Coffeemate. She graduated in 2007 from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Theatre Arts. Since then, she’s performed with various film & theatre groups in The City of Champions, including: Pittsburgh Shakespeare in the Parks, Pittsburgh Filmmakers, Comtra Theatre, Pittsburgh New Works, Theatre Factory, Pittsburgh Pride Festival, Pittsburgh Scarehouse, Coldfront Productions, Dreamworks and Lionsgate.

If there’s one thing Jillian can never get enough of, it’s singing. She’s been something of a musical geek since the ripe old age of 2, and has always fit singing into her life in some way. She sings on stage, at weddings, and yes, in the shower. Someday, she hopes to own a hairless dog, so that she can hug him (or her) without sneezing.

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