Amy (Heather Beschizza)

The Baristas Cast: Amy (Heather Beschizza)Amy is a recent transplant to Pittsburgh.  When she and her husband filed for divorce, Amy chose to spend the next year as far from Texas as possible… and Pittsburgh was as far north as she was willing to go.  She works at Planned Parenthood, where she’s become fascinated by protesters who don’t seem to understand what it is that she actually does.

Amy met Glenn at a dog obedience class, after which he became her personal tour guide, introducing her to the other regulars at Affogato.  Whether or not Amy and Glenn have become friends with benefits has yet to be determined.  But since Amy’s divorce isn’t quite final yet, all signs point toward… maybe?

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Heather Beschizza

Actress Heather Beschizza is a Pisces.  Or, that may be a lie.  But science is sneaky like that.  And if you don’t think astrology is science, well sir… you may be right.

Born at Fort Polk, Louisana, Heather lived in Texas, Germany, Michigan, Indiana, England and New Mexico before settling in Pennsylvania. On the stage, she has performed roles in Antigone, Little Women and The Taming of the Shrew, to name but a few. She has two dogs and a pet husband.

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