Dierdre (Lacey Fleming)

The Baristas Cast: Dierdre (Lacey Fleming)Dierdre is the glue that holds the Affogato café together. Without her, the place would surely collapse under the weight of its own ineptitude. Sure, she’s bitter, emotionally distant and occasionally hostile, but that’s what happens when you’re the only person who ever makes any sense.

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Bio: Lacey Fleming

Actress Lacey Fleming played Dierdre on Something to Be Desired (2003-2009). She studied acting at Point Park University and has appeared in The Murder Collection and Maskhead for Toetag Productions. Beyond that, she admits nothing.

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  1. I can’t believe you’re in only half of the The Baristas episodes.  I’m on number 16 now and I miss you.  I will have to watch the Something to be Desired series next to get my fill.  I hope that you are happy and successful in life, you deserve it.

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