Sienna (Laurel Schroeder)

The Baristas Cast: Sienna (Laurel Schroeder)Sienna is Madison‘s high-strung roommate. She’s also an aspiring fashion designer… in her mind, anyway. In practice, she’s quite terrible, but everyone is too polite to tell her what they really think because they’re certain Sienna would shatter into a million pieces at the first word of criticism — and they’re probably right. She sometimes plays Dungeons & Dragons with her friends Debbie and Lydia, as a means to escape from whatever she must think “reality” is…

Laurel Schroeder

Actress Laurel Schroeder is a recent transplant to Pittsburgh from Chicago, where she spent four years acting, writing, performing improv comedy and drinking coffee.  As such, she’s well-prepared to join the cast of a semi-improvised comedy that takes place in a café.

Some of Laurel’s Chicago credits include Lucy in Mr. Marmalade and The Damsel in Cartoon (both with Chemically Imbalanced Comedy), and Sybil Vane (u/s) in The Picture of Dorian Gray at Lifeline Theatre. She is also a founding member of the improv team Imaginary Friends.

In 2010 Laurel played Martha in the superhero comedy Squid Man, which was filmed in and around the Pittsburgh area. She also performed in the independent feature The Wise Kids and played Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing with Pittsburgh Shakespeare in the Parks. In December she appeared as Alice in Hobson’s Choice with Pittsburgh Irish and Classical Theatre.

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