Ben (Will McMahon)

The Baristas Cast: Ben (Will McMahon)Ben Wright was a man with a plan. Then he got laid off, and his plan got derailed. So when he and his fiancee Aubrey announced their engagement, Ben took the opportunity to beg Sam — his “someday-brother-in-law” — to hire him at Affogato. Now that he’s a brand new barista with boundless enthusiasm, he’ll use any tricks he can to boost business, increase his hours and pay for a wedding that seems to be spiraling ever out of control. (The things we do for love…)

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Bio: Will McMahon

Actor Will McMahon is a born performer. After a behind-the-scenes stint in the NFL, where he worked for the Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, Oakland Raiders and Pittsburgh Steelers, Will turned his attention to acting. He’ll be seen in an upcoming Daily Show sketch with Wyatt Cenac and Aasif Mandvi. He’s also appeared onstage in We Won’t Pay, We Won’t Pay (New Hazlett Theater) and served as an extra in the upcoming Dreamworks film I Am Number 4.

Will is a graduate of Allegheny College, where he played football and hockey for the Gators. In his spare time, Will likes to skydive and scuba dive.  He also occasionally dresses up like Elvis at Pittsburgh Penguins games, so keep an eye out for him when you’re at the Consol Energy Center; he’ll be the guy in the cape.

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