Scott (Hamilton Berube)

The Baristas Cast: Scott (Hamilton Berube)Scott was born and raised Amish, but he always had an independent streak — and all the symptoms of bipolar disorder, which his family presumed was just a phase. When he and his peers explored the outside world during their rumspringa, Scott was the only one who didn’t go back. That’s because he discovered computers, code, capitalism, and boys — not in that order — and learned that he was very good at all of them. He flipped his first software company for his first million before he was old enough to drink, which means his barista boyfriend Gary doesn’t have to worry about tips; he just has to worry about Scott’s mercurial personality.

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Bio: Hamilton Berube

Actor Hamilton Berube hails from Northern California.  He originally began his film career in Los Angeles, where he worked as a background actor on How I Met Your Mother, CSI:NY, Cold Case, House, Twilight, Shark and many others.

In fall of 2008 Hamilton moved to Pittsburgh to attend the conservatory at Point Park University.  He worked as a stagehand on Bricolage’s production of Chicks With Dicks: Bad Girls on Bikes Doing Bad Things, and he performed in Bricolage’s annual B.U.S. fundraiser.  He was also seen in Point Park’s 2009 One-Acts, in the play Cagebirds.  Hamilton is represented by the Docherty agency.

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