Lydia (Katie Kerr)

The Baristas Cast: Lydia (Katie Kerr)Lydia is a graphic designer by day and a cartoonist by night.  In fact, her anonymous webcomic is so super-secret that no one even knows about it.  And she’d like to keep it that way, okay?  Because if she knew that you knew that she made it, and then she found out that you didn’t like it, she would SO be crushed into little tiny pieces that it’s not even worth discussing, so let’s talk about something else, okay, like maybe Dungeons & Dragons, which she plays with her friends Debbie and Sienna as a regular substitute for, you know… actually going out.

Katie Kerr

Actress Katie Kerr has spent the majority of her life in theatre; she was LITERALLY almost born in one.  Her mother went into labor while watching her sister in a production of Company at Apple Hill Playhouse in Delmont, PA.  Seven months later, Katie’s aunt bought the theatre and it has been owned and run by the family (and friends and amazingly talented people) ever since.

Thanks to that amazingly unique upbringing, Katie now finds she is only truly at home when she is insanely busy working on as many theatrical endeavors as possible.  To that end, she received her BFA in musical theater with a minor in business and now she works full time as a box office manager at Point Park University, teaches Introduction to Props, is frequently the props master for Pittsburgh-area productions, is pursuing an MBA in Arts Management, works front of house at the Public theatre, handles website content management for Apple Hill and performs as much as possible in theatre and film.  Her dog is not particularly fond of this schedule, but her cats could care less.

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