Chase (Justin Mohr)

The Baristas Cast: Chase (Justin Mohr)Chase is a financial analyst, which means he makes money by helping other people make even more money — including the cafe’s new owner, Lorraine. As such, he’s kind of a dick. He’s also Ben‘s best friend (and best man), much to the dismay of Ben’s fiancee Aubrey, her sister Astrid, and pretty much everyone else who has to put up with him — especially Dierdre and Madison, whom Chase takes a devious delight in aggravating.

Justin Mohr

Actor Justin Mohr grew up in New Kensington, where he began his acting career at Valley High School and in the local New Kensington Civic Theatre.  He pursued acting at the University of Pittsburgh, and he now enjoys a regular career in Pittsburgh’s community theatre scene.  He recently served as a stand-in and body double for Jake Gyllenhaal in the Edward Zwick film Love and Other Drugs, but claims he has no gossip worth sharing about Taylor Swift, Anne Hathaway or Catwoman.

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