AJ (Chad Eric Smith)

The Baristas: AJ (Chad Eric Smith)AJ is a trainer and sales rep for Only the Best Coffee, the roaster Lorraine strikes a deal with after she buys Affogato. Unfortunately, AJ’s beans are “only the best” in name only. But when AJ discovers that Madison can actually make his coffee drinkable, he tries to poach her out from under Lorraine‘s watchful eye.

Chad Eric Smith

Actor Chad Eric Smith is a native of Washington, DC, and an alumnus of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. In September 2010, the Pittsburgh Chapter of the African American Council on the Arts (AACTA) awarded Chad two Onyx Awards, one for ‘Best Leading Actor in a Musical’ for his role as Walter Lee Younger in the Kuntu Repertory Theatre’s production of Raisin and the other for ‘Best Supporting Actor in a Musical’ for his role as Wilson Pickett in the New Horizon Theater’s production of I Gotcha! The Story of Joe Tex and the Soul Clan.

In 2010, Chad played Pete in the superhero comedy Squid Man, which was filmed in and around the Pittsburgh area, and he can also be glimpsed in the DreamWorks movies She’s Out of My League and I Am Number Four. He most recently played a Gotham City SWAT Team Member on the set of The Dark Knight Rises, and looks forward to seeing himself onscreen once again when that film debuts in 2012.

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