Delayed by Dogsitting?

Rufus and Percy, 2011
Your adorable culprits, Rufus and Percy.

If you saw a somewhat cryptic tweet from me last night, you know this week’s episode is being delayed because of… dogsitting? Yup. Suffice it to say that having one dog in the house means that life is totally normal, but having two dogs means OH MY GOD TWO DOGS LOUDNESS BARKING CHASING ANARCHY!!!

And it is impossible to edit audio when you can’t hear anything.

Today seems to be MUCH calmer than yesterday, so either they’re adapting or I’m deaf.

Either way, look for a new episode later today, dogs willing…

Are You Ready for Your Next Coffee Break?

Sam (Shaun Starke) and Tabitha (Courtney Jenkins) on The Baristas
Sam (Shaun Starke) and Tabitha (Courtney Jenkins) are keeping an eye on you...

New full-length episodes of The Baristas return later today.  Want to be sure you’ll never miss an episode?  For better peace of mind, you can…

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Pre-Announcing Our Upcoming Story Contest!

Justin Kownacki gets people's attention on the set of The Baristas
This is what it looks like when The Baristas creator Justin Kownacki calls for your attention.

We’re pretty excited about about a new contest we’ll be launching next week, but if you were on our mailing list, you’d know about it even earlier!  But don’t worry; if you’re on Facebook, you can join our mailing list here.  (If not, you can still sign up here.)

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Check back next week for the details on our contest.  And no, first prize is not a date with Dierdre, but you probably wouldn’t survive that anyway…

The Baristas Spring Break & Deleted Scenestravaganza!

Now that the first 11 episodes of The Baristas have ended, we’re taking a “spring break” from publishing new episodes (so we can actually film them).  But, in the interim, we’ll be posting new deleted scenes every Monday from now through the end of June.

Then, starting in July, we’ll have a few all-new clips that bridge the gap between seasons and help set the stage for The Baristas: Season Two, which begins officially on August 1st, 2011.

So mark your calendars for August 1, but stop back every Monday to see something new from our voluminous bag of tricks.  We’ve got clips of Chase, Trudy, Rich, Dierdre and more that you wish you’d seen but never have… ’til now.

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