Pre-Announcing Our Upcoming Story Contest!

Justin Kownacki gets people's attention on the set of The Baristas
This is what it looks like when The Baristas creator Justin Kownacki calls for your attention.

We’re pretty excited about about a new contest we’ll be launching next week, but if you were on our mailing list, you’d know about it even earlier!  But don’t worry; if you’re on Facebook, you can join our mailing list here.  (If not, you can still sign up here.)

While you’re at it, “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  You can also read all the characters’ tweets here, which is nearly as fun as watching a new episode!  (And those start up again on Aug 1, which is as good as tomorrow, right?)

Oh, and if you’ve never watched Something to Be Desired, which The Baristas was spun off from, then you have dozens of “new” episodes to catch up onl!

Check back next week for the details on our contest.  And no, first prize is not a date with Dierdre, but you probably wouldn’t survive that anyway…

4 thoughts on “Pre-Announcing Our Upcoming Story Contest!”

  1. So, we’re not getting deleted scenes for two weeks then?

    And pre-announcement? What are you a fucking credit card company?

    1. Actually, if we were a credit card company, we’d probably be rolling
      in money, so the fact that the computer that most of the show’s
      footage is on just died last week — by which I mean it won’t boot
      past the startup screen despite some fancy digital CPR — wouldn’t
      even be a thing. I’d just go buy a new one.

      But, alas, we’re not a credit card company. Which means I have to
      wait to get that machine fixed by a pro. Hence, why we’re rolling out
      the story contest in the meantime, because that’ll keep everyone busy
      while someone tinkers with torches and table saws over my currently
      incapacitated machine.

      Although, now that you mention it, I do like the idea of overdraft
      fees….. wait, no I don’t…

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