Leo (Will Guffey)

The Baristas Cast: Leo (Will Guffey)Leo Straub is the co-author of Alexandra and the Hideous Mole People, a book that was supposed to be filed under “Romance” for publisher Vanity Press but which, in Leo’s hands, became an inexplicable, unintelligible sci-fi / fantasy / “pornography-esque” best-seller. Alas, Vanity Press honchos Rich and Tabitha have been waiting for Leo’s next book for years. If he’d ever stop trading insults with his lifelong rival Dean, he just might find a way to make literary lightning strike twice. (But let’s not bet on it.)

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Bio: Will Guffey

Actor Will Guffey played Leo Straub for all six seasons of Something to Be Desired. A graduate of Point Park University, Will has starred in various local Pittsburgh film and stage productions. He currently teaches the thrill of drama to children in Pittsburgh’s Act One program. When he’s not appearing on stage or screen, Will is mystifyingly good at playing video games.

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