Aubrey (Katie Mo Goff)

The Baristas Cast: Aubrey (Katie Mo Goff)Aubrey Callaway wanted to be a nurse, but reality — in the form of the family party planning business “Balloons! Balloons! Balloons!” — got in the way.  Now, instead of saving lives, she’s planning children’s birthday parties and catering to the whims of her control freak clients. Her silver lining? Her fiancé Ben, who’s letting her plan the wedding of her dreams — even if her sister Astrid, who’s been dating Sam for seven years, always thought she’d get married first.  (Oops.)

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Bio: Katie Mo Goff

Actress Katie Mo Goff is a Pittsburgh native and a theater professional. She attended Pittsburgh CAPA High School with a major in musical theater, followed by New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts where she graduated with a BFA with honors in Drama, studying at the Atlantic Theater Company school and the NYU Classical Studio.

Currently, Katie Mo is a part-time barista at a quaint little coffee shop called Starbucks, as well as an intern at the Center for Theater Arts in Mt. Lebanon. Her 2011 goals include getting accepted into the Masters in Arts Management program at CMU and finally getting her driver’s license.

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