4 thoughts on “The Baristas: Deleted Scene – Ben the Greeter”

  1. And these were deleted…why? Ben’s final gesture to Glenn was hilarious, just perfect punctuation to the joke. Also like Dierdre’s complex expression when she sees Glenn and goes for his cup. She smiled!

    Awww … it’s gonna be a long three months…. 🙂

    1. That may have been Dierdre’s first recorded half-smile in the entire season.

      Every deleted scene was omitted for its own reason, usually because
      there wasn’t enough time for it in that particular episode. In this
      case, an entire episode (“Ben’s First Day”) was shelved, but the whole
      episode will be available as a “lost episode” on the Baristas Season
      One DVD later this year.

        1. Don’t worry: we have more deleted scenes than we have weeks in the
          summer, so there’ll still be new scenes on the DVD that you’ve never
          seen elsewhere. Also, I suspect our cast & crew commentary will be
          both illuminating and peppered with the kinds of inside jokes that
          will make you feel like you were on the set with us. Or drunk. Or

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