The Baristas: Episode 17 – “Coming to a Head”

Ben and Aubrey‘s wedding budget is destroyed when Lorraine wants her pyramid scheme cash back from Ben, Gary helps Scott and Simon build a strange new phone app, and Rich and Tabitha fight over the future of Vanity Press after their author, Gloria, starts revealing people’s darkest secrets. // Filmed at the Affogato Cafe in Pittsburgh // Theme: Never Listen to Me by The Thermals

4 thoughts on “The Baristas: Episode 17 – “Coming to a Head””

  1. Where’s Iris? You can’t walk a looker like that into your show, insinuate a love triangle, and then not develop it. That’s just cruel.

    1. Thanks, Michael. We do our best to ensure that no character is ever defined by just one aspect of his / her personality. Politics, theology, sexuality, habits — they’re all just pieces of the human puzzle. And Lorraine is definitely a puzzle…

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