13 thoughts on “The Baristas: Episode One – The Favor”

  1. That dialog writing is SO freakin’ good! I’ve always wanted to be able to write dialog, and have tried, and failed, at every attempt. I was really impressed by that tight, ensemble, dialog-driven script.

    1. Thanks! The characters are a blast to write for, and most of the cast
      has extensive improvisational experience, so I have the benefit of
      writing for great characters who can also still surprise me once the
      cameras are rolling. Best of both worlds. 🙂

  2. not so much. did so much as crack a smile. it was awkward, it had little to no humor , even though i know it is supposed to be a comedy, all it did was point out quirks of coffee shops, like the guy that orders the ridiculously long named drink, as well as cliched geek quirks, represented by the inevitable LARPing shout out. those things just aren’t funny to intelligent audience members. i want to be caught off guard. i don’t mean by off-color humor, i mean by wit, precision of delivery, and original writing. not the same corned beef hash, AGAIN. i mean, sitting in a real coffee shop for 10 minutes is waaaaay more entertaining.

    as a barista, i wanted to like this. as a person, i simply couldn’t.

    1. Hank: Thank god SOMEONE finally referred to us as “a comedy without
      comedy.” Now our place in the history of entertainment is guaranteed,
      alongside Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond and Two and a Half Men.
      I’ve already popped the champagne.

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