“Lorraine of Terror” Begins…

Sometimes, making this show is more hectic than anything we could put onscreen.

Since our last episode, we’ve juggled the departure of several cast members, the tragic last days of some broken equipment, and the descent of Batman into our fair city (and into the schedules of many of our cast members, who are featured extras and stand-ins throughout the filming of The Dark Knight Rises).

But perhaps most complicated of all is the news that Affogato — the cafe where we film the show — will almost definitely be closing at the end of August.

(Side note: anybody want to buy a cafe?)

All of which sounds crazy, right?

In fact, it’s not unlike the upheaval that Ben, Dierdre, Gary, Madison, Reggie and (the newly-unemployed) Sam are going through with their new boss, Lorraine, suddenly in charge of the cafe.

So, while we could just drop you into our new storyline headfirst, we’re going to treat you better than that: we’re going to roll things out slowly. Because, frankly, there’s a lot of change headed your way over these next nine episodes, including:

* several new characters making their debuts

* a few old favorites saying their final goodbyes

* a new location (?)

* a new website (?)

… and, of course, a DVD.

These last 9 episodes will wrap up The Baristas’ first season, and then they’ll all be made available on DVD, which will include behind-the-scenes footage, director and cast commentaries, deleted scenes, a “lost” episode and more.  Those of you who were fans of our previous show, Something to Be Desired, may recall that STBD was never released on DVD, so this will mark the first time you can (legally) bring Glenn, Dierdre, Sam and Astrid into your living room (digitally, anyway).

And then, if we’re all lucky (and well caffeinated), it’ll be on to Season Two…

… if we — and Affogato — survive Lorraine of Terror.

Stay tuned.

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